Innovative Solutions

for Next-Gen Drug & Therapy Delivery

We conceptualize, design, develop and commercialize innovative delivery platforms and solutions for next-gen drugs, implants, and specialized applications.


Altaviz was founded in 2012, by an experienced team of medical design engineers whom collectively had a passion for working in a creative environment, unencumbered by legacy products and bureaucratic processes that stymie innovation. The Altaviz Team’s focus was to design and manufacture products that improved patient safety and enabled medical practitioners to improve their practices. The name “Altaviz” was chosen to represent the company’s vision. “Alta” for a commitment to high standards and “viz” for visibility into what is needed to solve the challenges, and meet the objectives, of our clinician, surgeon, patient customers.

Today Altaviz’s customers range from startups to multi-billion dollar medical device and pharma companies. Our commitment to producing enhanced medical devices that improve medical procedures, and ultimately patient care, remain the foundation of our continued success.


Altaviz develops and manufactures platform technologies and products for the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other specialized industries requiring high performance applications. We empower clinicians and surgeons to better care for their patients with highly effective devices and instruments improving efficacy, safety, and work flow efficiency.

We introduce next-generation products, backed by effective, novel, technologies delivering better solutions to the challenges and objectives of enhanced patient care.  Our team is rooted in the core competency of medical device design and high volume manufacturing process development fortified by knowledge of market drivers and customer needs.

We partner with top industry leaders and practitioners from product concept through development and into commercialization.  Altaviz relies on its in-house proprietary platforms and intellectual property, and in some business cases, will co-develop products based on customer requirements.

A Culture of Acceptance & Innovation

We have a team of amazing, brilliant people…


The foundation of the Altaviz success is our team of proven and accomplished medical device design engineers.

Our team collectively has a history of producing over 300 issued and pending patents in the medical device market.

The Altaviz team of engineers comes from an experience base of successful product development introducing over 100 products to the market, with combined sales revenues in the billions of dollars.

Our business success is based on the extraordinary commitment, expertise and ingenuity of our team and the trust we earn from our customers.


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Irvine, CA 92618